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The Yoga Teacher Conf is a community designed to help yoga teachers go from burned out and overwhelmed yoga teacher to THRIVING yoga professional!

We offer online content,  yoga teacher coaching circles, business resources, connections, and a community of like-minded yoga teachers.

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What is the Yoga Teacher Conf?

The Yoga Teacher Conf provides affordable resources and a community just for yoga teachers.

We offer virtual and in-person conferences just for yoga teachers.

Your Yoga Teacher Journey Never Ends

Your yoga journey doesn’t stop once you have completed your 200 hours.

In fact, for many of us that is when the journey really begins.

A yoga instructor’s learning, growth, and deeper authenticity is vital for their student’s growth.

Often yoga instructors give and give and give with their hearts wide open, to guide their students to ever deeper parts of themselves. They create a safe space of non-judgment where others can quietly sit with themselves and feel accepted just as they are.

Yoga instructors need safe spaces like that too. Spaces where they can decompress and explore their own forgotten places. Spaces that encourage them to go deeper into their bodies and their beings, where they can unashamedly fill their own cups in order to help and guide others to fill theirs.

A space where they can simply exist in a community of others like themselves. Where ideas are shared and explored, where knowledge is gained, where authenticity is encouraged. A community that vibrates and resonates with the collective energy of co-creating, of support, of increasing and attracting knowledge, deeper learning, and abundance.

Why We Need A Conference Just for Yoga Teachers

The Yoga Teacher Conf gives yoga instructors such a space. 

And in this space, yoga instructors can breathe freely and be guided on their professional journey. The Yoga Teacher Conf not only encourages personal and spiritual growth but it gives teachers valuable knowledge on how to run successful yoga businesses. It educates yoga instructors on different aspects of teaching like verbal cue-ing, hands-on adjustments, and in-depth discussions about anatomy. 

Created by yoga teachers and experts in their fields, the Yoga Teacher Conf gives you the continuing education that you crave. We didn’t want just another festival, we wanted to give our teachers value, to give them practical tools to elevate themselves, their businesses, and their students. And we wanted to do this at an affordable price.

We believe in providing high-quality educational opportunities for our participants. We collaborate with sponsors to make the Yoga Teacher Conf affordable and accessible to yoga teachers from all over the world.

May 2021 Conference - ELEVATE

Why the name ELEVATE?

It is an action and it is also a state. By elevating our own thoughts, feelings, and vibrations we inspire that in others. 

There is strength in numbers and that is true when a community comes together with a common purpose. The Yoga Teacher Conf is an event where teachers can collaborate to elevate themselves and the yoga community. From this space they can then continue to elevate their students.

We want you to leave the Yoga Teacher Conf inspired and motivated. We want to provide you a new sense of empowerment and enhanced self-awareness. We want you to achieve your highest good in order to inspire and guide others to find and achieve that in themselves.

It's time you connect with a community of like-minded yoga teachers.

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